About The Character Factory

The following dispatches all relate to the The Character Factory in one way or another.

Some dispatches relay scenes from my father’s theater before my sister and I discovered the Magic that would forever change our lives.

Other dispatches feature the ill-fated adventures we had, once the Magic started to insinuate its puckish ways into our innocently simple ideas. 

Then there are the dispatches that relate how The Character Factory transformed into a real entity, along with my musings over why I believe the Magic wanted my sister and I to discover it in the first place.

As with most things in life—it wasn’t just about us. 

August - Cratersville - Jelly 11

Fun Dog Birthday

It seemed like a good idea at the time. This is my refrain when I’m faced with the fallout from one of those that’s-not-quite-what-I-was-expecting moments. Take the time my sister Poppy and I were planning a birthday surprise for this girl at school. Her name was Suzi—short for Susanne, a

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Early January - Creators Realm - Jelly 20

Holidays of Cratersville

The last Jolly Zings of the season are flittering about my head. They’re dropping their remaining bits of glitter and tinsel upon me as I’m writing these words. Once their magic reservoirs are empty they’ll be gone. The Jolly Zings appear along with the rest of their festive compatriots on

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End of summer before ninth grade - Cratersville - Jelly 14

Soul Envoys

It was a warm August night, directly before the start of ninth grade. I was sitting on my bed, when I noticed a faint dusting of confetti landing on my pillow, the phantom remnants of another party that I had not been invited to. The source of the confetti were

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January - Cratersville - Third Grade

Bring Your Dreams to Life

My father had a book. The book was quite large and to untrained eyes it would appear as nothing more than an ancient grimoire.  My father kept this disguised book hidden beneath a velvet-draped table. My sister and I discovered it the summer before third grade. Whenever we visited his

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